Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sewing Fashion Trends: Capes

I do love capes, I've got a military style one from a few years back (store bought). Even though I already own one I'd love to make the next one I own.

Inspiration - These one have recently taken my fancy....

                     Asos- Gloverall £299

                             Band of Outsiders £840

                             Saint Laurent £1,770

If like me you fancy sewing your own up, then you'll be pleased to know there are lots to choose from, these are my top picks ....

                           Burda 7313      

                           New Look- 6324

                                   Donna Karen for Vogue - V1322

                           Milano Cape By Papercut Patterns

Ooo spoilt for choice!! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Winter Outfit Sketch....

I might of lied when I said if I add anything else to my makes list it would only be a coat. I really love the look of the nettie pattern by closet case patterns. It would be so versatile for pairing with skirts or jeans and then there's the dress version too!!!

I'd also love a skirt that is pleated at the top but unfurls into a circle skirt which I hope would look quite neat paired with the nettie. How the skirt would work out I'm not sure, but if time allows I'd love to have a crack at it.....

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter Coat Sketch.....

With half finished Wip's and a load of alterations and up-cycles to contended with, I probably shouldn't add anything else to my makes list, but if I do make anything this winter it has to be a coat!

The one I've sketched is something I've had in mind for a while, and one I'd love to draft myself. Simply shaped but nicely tailored with a high low hem, it's shouldn't be difficult.
Finding the right colour on the other hand is proven to be a right headache, citrus, pistachio or pastel green in a boiled wool would be great, I'll also settle for pale blue, but I can't find any of those colours. Sad times!

I may have to dye my own shade instead- Ekk!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion Colours.....

Pantone choose Radiant Orchid as it's colour for the year although I'm not convinced that its a fashion colour for autumn/winter. A few shades darker and I'd probably roll with it.
Truthfully I'm not completely taken with this seasons colour report but then I'm old skol so brights and pastels for summer, mutes and jewels for winter.


My colours for this autumn/winter are likely to be ox blood red, greys, dark purple, burnt orange, mustard and teal, with a little pink and pale, almost ice blue thrown in for good measure .....

Which colours are you likely to be wearing? 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halterneck to Strapless to Skirt....

Whenever my mother goes away to somewhere hot I joke that she gets holiday head as she buy's things that she wouldn't normally look at twice. This 'dress' however an exception of sorts.

 Bought in spain it started life as a halterneck. My mother doesn't do halternecks - her boobs are big and she self conscious about them, so for her halternecks are a no-no.
 Now had you seen the size of the cups for this halterneck and my mums boobs you would have too laughed uncontrollably because there was no chance in gnats arse  her assets were going to fit.
 'did you try it on' - ' no. it was too hot' - 'and what part of you thought that you'd get 'those' in there' ...and so the conversation went .... 'could you alter it' - 'yeah, like into a skirt or something' - 'hmm - no I was thinking just take away the straps, fold this under here and stitch it down'- 'hmm, yeah I could do or I could take away the halterneck part and add more sheering elastic?' - 'yeah but it would alter the length and I like it where it is!

Ok! Mother knows best........... two years later, she finally admitted that she can't see her self wearing it strapless, so would I possibly turn it in to a skirt keeping as much length as possible - good job she's short! 


Nothing strenuous involved. unpicked the sheering elastic and cutting a waist band from that part. Gathering the skirt to fit the new waist band and adding an invisible zip, pretty much sums up what I did.

Although the panel where the sheering/halterneck had been had mostly enough fabric to create a waistband from, some of the print that had been on the top half of the dress had to be used to create the facing. Luckily it's on the inside, and although you can see the shadow in this image, my mother wears her tops over the skirt and not tucked in....

....The same is said of the brown zip on white fabric. I stash busted as I knew it won't be seen.

The dress was partially lined so I used what was left of it. The center back seams in the lining and fabric, where what I can only describe as being strangely welted but without being top-stitched, kind of like a weird french seam. Why Oh Why. I have no idea. The weirdly welted seam makes for an unsightly bump where the newly inserted zip ends but the skirts gathers are forgiving about it on the outside.

The good news is my mother is happy with the result. The not so good news was that when I did this for her at the beginning of August she came down with a rather nasty lingering bout of gastroenteritis leaving her with a very bloated tummy for weeks on end and unable to wear the skirt needless to say spring can't come quick enough for her.

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