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Finally, the bikini make- McCall's M5400

 It's quite odd that when you first start out sewing you don't really have any limits or fear and will give anything ago! This is what happened when I bought a bikini pattern. After making a few simple skirts and a tube dress I thought ok lets try a bikini, then studied the pattern and thought hmmm!! maybe I should leave this and try again some other time, so here I am 100 years later ( lol!) and I've finally given the bikini pattern a go.

and I wore it on holiday! result!!

The pattern is fairly easy to follow, but there are a lots of steps, some steps seemed a little unnecessary but this was my first attempt I thought it best to follow them.

  The combined use of working with swimwear material and elastic may be too much for a beginner but is manageable if you've been sewing awhile. I think a bikini can be a little daunting at first to make but isn't as hard as it looks. It's one of those areas where you can push yourself and try something new.

 The top was stitched using a strait stitch but when it came to the bottoms I used the zig-zag stitch which looked  nicer.

There were a few things I would do differently. The pattern tells you to stitch the elastic which is applied to the bikini sides and leg holes straight on to the turned under fabric but this doesn't look nice. I would much rather conceal the elastic by stitching it underneath the turned over fabric, like it is on shop bought bikini's. I also noticed that on bought bikinis there is elastic in the neck and back straps, which this pattern doesn't tell you to do, but is something I would do next time.

A few tips on making a bikini:
  • Pin the fabric well before you cut. This helps to stop the fabric from moving.
  • Do use the right needle to sew with. I chose a needle designed for stretch fabric.
  • Pull the fabric slightly as you sew. This makes the stitches lie better.
  • Do use zig-zag stitch for a more professional finish.
  • Take your time! all this material/ elastic pulling can test your nerve , go away have some tea and then come back.
  • And finally wear your bikini with pride
  • Oh and one last thing, use the right width elastic!! not like me and use whatevers left in your stash, which can cause more problems than not.

    and finally (again) happy bikini making and if you do give it a go and let me know, I would love to see your creations.



    1. Great job! It looks like a fun little bikini. It's so awesome to be able to wear things you've made yourself, isn't it? :3

    2. Love the results. You look fabulous in it!

    3. Wow! It looks totally professional, as if you bought at the store ... you are so talented! Fabulous!!


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