Friday, 23 March 2012

Better late than never: maxi skirt.

so I got round to taking pictures, eventually!! I've spent another week decorating my parents house. I've  only been painting the up stairs and down stairs hall way but it's taken bloody ages, who knew a slightly darkish off white would be soo hard to cover with a light cream colour!!

any-ways enough of me blabbering on about other things and on to the sewing I hear you shout!!

Back in febuary I made a maxi skirt. The material has been in my stash for a while. It's a lovely soft feeling material, with a ditzy floral print, contain pinks, greens, blues and white on a black background, I think you can still buy the material here.

I wanted this maxi to be a little bit different to the norm, so I made it a wrap around version.

The pattern I winged, I simply measured my waist added an extra 10cm for the wrap around part and did the same measurement for the waist band but doubled the width of it so I could fold it in half. Then I hemmed around three sides of the skirt, leaving one of the narrower ends free so I could attached the waist band. and et voilĂ  finished......

                      ..........well except that I forgot to factor in my hip measurements, which is a good 9-10inches bigger than my waist, which meant my lady bits were near enough on show again! I seem to be making a habit of this (closet exhibitionist anyone haha!).
 Luckily when I cut out the measurement on the fabric there was two 6cm strips left, so after un-stitching the skirt I attached the fabric strips one either side using a narrow seam and then gather the skirt to fit the waist and wha d'ya know  it fits fine, no lady bits nearly showing and the wrap round gives a good amount of coverage.
The waist band fastens with two buttons on the inside to give a neat finish. The skirt is perhaps a touch long worn with sandals, but I'm undecided weather to shorten the length as it fits perfect worn with wedges.

What's nice about the wrap around is that it flares open slightly when I walk, which is nice as it feels more comfortable and summery rather than restrictive, which is how I find normal maxis.

In homage to Angelina Joile I decided to flash the leg!!!

With out trying to sound too vulgar I realised after-uploading these pictures that the bra I'm wearing does absolutely nothing for my boobs!!! In the bin it will be going- well I have had it a while!!

bin* by which I mean out for re-cycling.

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