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Sewing: Tilda Panel Skirt

Just a quick post amongst all the fashion show inspiration posts I've been putting up to say that I'm still sewing and my machine is not gathering dust although it is on go-slow!

This last week has been like a roller-coaster it's had more ups and downs, twists and turns than god knows what but it all looks to be coming good!! Before the roller coaster started, literally about an hour, and I'm not exaggerating, I managed to finish sewing my panel skirt!

I self drafted the pattern for the skirt omitting darts for seams and folding them out completely for the waist band. I didn't bother toiling the pattern. As the skirt is unlined, I basically fitted it on myself as I went along!  I used klona cotton fabric from back stitch and the panel fabric was from my Tilda stash of fat quarters. I put a side zip in as not to break up the panel on the back.

I love the colour combo, it's actually quite fresh, the down side is that it's more for summer wear so I'm hoping for a really nice week where I might just might be-able to wear it this summer, I'm not holding my breath though!! 

Top stitched hem

 I like a top stitch hem on the right garment, I think it adds a nice finishing touch and makes it look less 'hand made'

The down side

I pressed all my seam allowances open and then overlooked the edges, with six seams, and each side needing overlocking totalling 12 I had to make a mistake didn't I! I didn't even notice until I gave the skirt it's final press. I'd only blummin' gone and sewn some of the skirt fabric in the with the overlocked seam. Gutting!
It created a little a tear where the knife had trimmed the fabric away, lucky it wasn't as bad as first thought, so I used Frey stop to glue the the tear together, it looks to have worked too. Good job this skirt is for work and will be mostly covered by an apron.

Fingers crossed we get a few warm days before autumn finally sets it's bum down so I can give you some shots of the skirt in action!


In other news:

I nearly finished my Pan Am outfit, just have to sew the hem on the skirt. I'm also toying with the idea of making my cousins expectant  baby a quilt, although I'm rather swayed by Marie's baby blanket instead, decisions decisions!! And my garment sewing is likely to go on the back burner for the next few weeks if my following plan goes ahead, the shop I work in will be hosting a cratf fair at the end of November and I'm thinking of having a stall!! No idea what to make yet though, so any ideas would be really appreciated.

What have you been sewing?


  1. It really looks fresh. A bright skirt in contrast to all the dull skirts starting to creep up on the high street. Aren't you just so happy you can actually make your own clothes? I have always wanted to sew with solids, but always found myself buying prints when I went fabric shopping. I am growing out of that now though, and now I am completely obsessed with wanting to sew solids. Cue an excuse to go fabric shopping. I have tons of fabric, but 90% of them are prints.

    1. Thanks Dibs!! I'm the other way around with solids and prints but I never normally colour block, I think I may just have found a new obsession!!

  2. That's a beauty of a skirt, I adore the colour combo. It makes me think of drinking lemonade on a lawn.

    1. aww thank you, it reminds me of something you would playing tennis in too!

  3. It's pretty skirt.. I loved it immediately! : )

  4. Lovely skirt! I didn't even see the closed tear until you pointed it out =)

    1. Thank you, I was so lucky with the tear, it's more of a nick than anything thankfully.

  5. Modern and full of peps! Zesty colours (no pun intended) nice to wear in Autumn/Indian Summer.

    1. ha! yes zesty is the right word for it, I'm praying for an indian summer but I think a cold chilly autumn is upon us here!!


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